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Leadership Camp

Every summer, the Giants Battalion sends 20-30 Cadets to leadership camp.  At this location, they will learn to lead a group of other fellow cadets through different group activities and tasks.  They will also participate in several outdoor activities which include but aren’t limited rappelling; water safety; canoeing; archery; obstacle course; zip-line; and leadership reactionary courses just to name a few.  The purpose of the course is to instill teamwork and discipline within our youth.

Field Trips

This past school year, some of our Cadets went to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library's "Situation Room," where they participated and learned about leadership, teamwork, decision making, and historical lessons-learned during the rescue of American medical students held hostage in Grenada back in 1983.  The "Situation Room Experience" is an integrated role-playing crisis simulation. In these high-intensity, collaborative decision-making scenarios, information moves quickly and every individual choice has consequences. Because participant input shapes the experience, no simulation is ever the same. Some Cadets also visited the USS Midway and learned about a Naval Aircraft Carrier.    

Annual Military Ball

A committee of Cadet staff from the Giants Battalion plans, organizes and attends a formal event called the Military Ball, which is similar to a high school prom.  There is dancing, dinner, normally an inspirational message from a guest speaker.  The event is a time for our cadets to relax and enjoy a special evening together.

Community Service

Throughout each school year, our Cadets will take part in several community service activities in the City of Pomona, and neighboring cities. This year, our Cadets will help with setting up the First Annual Thanksgiving Dinner for needy families hosted by the Pomona Valley Mining Company restaurant.  

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